may dan nhan tu dong cho the LY-T-301

Automatic card labeling machine LY-T-301

LY-T-301 Automatic card labeling machine LY-T-301, distributed by CNCVina:

Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm

Label speed: 40 ~ 150 pcs / minute

Size requirements of products to be labeled:

Length: 40 ~ 280mm * Width: 40 ~ 200mm * Height: 0.2 ~ 2mm

Applicable label size: 6 ~ 250mm (Length) * 6 ~ 160mm (Width)

Application of automatic card labeling machine LY-T-301: scratching cards, PE bags, flattened box, paper bag, garment bag, advertising color pages, magazine covers

and so on.


Function of Automatic card labeling machine LY-T-301

Card labeling machine LY-T-301 Applicable all kinds of card products, achieving the integration of dividing cards, automatic labeling, and automatic card collection. With the application of advanced flexible card dividing technology, it will divide the cards smoothly without a scratch another surface of it. Such as scratching cards, PE bags, flattened box, paper bag, garment bag, advertising color pages, magazine covers and so on.

may dan nhan tu dong the LY-T-301-CNCVina

Technical specification of Automatic card labeling machine LY-T-301

Power Supply: 220V/50HZ


Transmission frequency stepping +Traction 780W

Transmission frequency stepping + Servo step 1170W

Weight: 180KGS(about)

Labeling accuracy: ±1mm

Labeling speed: 40~150pcs/min

Applicable dimensions: 40~280mm(Length)*40~200mm(Width)*0.2~2mm(Height)

Applicable label size: 6~250mm(Length)*6~160mm(Width)

Machine Dimensions(L*W*H): 2200mm*700mm*1400mm


Barcode printer

Ribbon printer

Label sensor for transparent labels

CNCVina provides products of automatic labeling machines for round, flat, standard flat bottles and bottles as required by customers. With the common names for the card products to be labeled: automatic decal labeling machine, scratch card stickers, game cards, winning cards ... Automatic card labeling machines can easily be stored by us. Combined with automatic wiring, it combines seamlessly with other specialized automatic machines to provide high automation and high productivity and output for your products. Please contact hotline: 0915744664 for advice and support.