Day chuyen lap rap tu dong dung robot

Automated printer assembly line with robots

Application of automated assembly lines to integrate robots into production and assembly

Automated assembly line with the emergence of industrial robots in the production and assembly of electronic components, automobiles and motorcycles are gradually replacing traditional semi-automatic and manual chains.

One of the automatic production and assembly lines designed and manufactured by CNC for FDI customers in Vietnam is the automatic line to pick and place products (parts in the printer) after the stamping process. price to move to another stamping stage.


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This automated assembly line system uses high-speed ABB Robot to pick up products as printer frame (printer frame). Parts are stamped out by the machine with a large output, usually requiring up to 4 employees to ensure speed for the line. The bone plate after getting out of the press machine will be pushed into the conveyor belt and automatically placed into the jig, JIG.

To the position, ABB’s robot arm will carry out and place into the product rack to move to the next stage. With automatic lines, the number of workers dropped to only 2 people.

Auto assembly line specifications

Automatic assembly line system for production and assembly with integrated robot system can be flexibly designed and adjusted according to customer requirements.

Productivity is significantly enhanced and stable operation 24/7. 

– Systems include stamping machines, conveyor systems, ABB’s robots to pick up products, systems for turning, controlling and controlling devices. 

– System used for 5 different product models. With every bone product model, thanks to the quick change of the grip, product clamp on robot arm, we will have robot application for different products. The robot picks up 5 or 9 products at a time on 2 conveyor belts below and above, depending on different models. 

– Using the product gripping mechanism with vacuum suction head or flexible hydraulic clamp. 

– The output speed of the stamping machine is 1.2 seconds / 2 products / 1 time stamping. 

– The system has redundant control modes when troubleshooting is needed, ensuring that the press works continuously and is not allowed to stop suddenly.

Outstanding feature of CNC-Vina’s auto assembly line

– High-speed, reliable and user-friendly ABB robot production line. 

– The system works 24/24. Can be used for all models required by customers. 

– Reduce the number of workers from 4 to 2 workers – Parts and products are not scratched or deformed. 

– Automatic system has simple structure, easy to change model. With redundancy and troubleshooting modes, production lines, robot integrated auto assembly is very flexible in production. Make sure the line joining parts are always regulated according to the general pace of the system. Coordinate smoothly, safely and bring the highest productivity to customers. 

Customers wishing to consult and design and install automatic lines for production and assembly of their products upon request, please contact hotline: 0915744664 for support.