máy cấp keo và sấy tia UV-Auto glue adhesive and UV curing machine

Auto glue adhesive and UV curing machine

Application of automatic glue feeder and UV irradiation machine

Automatic glue adhesive and UV curing machine is 2 in 1 assembly machine for electronic assembly line. The device is designed to perform two functions: glue, apply glue to the positions, the link profile between details, layers into clusters. Then dry this glue by shining UV rays on the glue surface. The machine serves applications such as creating connectors, sealing (sealing) edges and slots in mobile phones. Apply glue, fill glue into the groove on the circuit board to protect components, seal and dry completely in the same stage. It can automatically supply all types of glue, UV glue drying for sealing applications. With controller and synchronous feeder.


Auto glue adhesive and UV curing machine (Glue machine, UV projector) is designed compact, automatic operation. Customer-tailored design with each component assembly request on the board, in the chain. The design is flexibly customized thanks to changing the programming and jigs, detailed jig for each product and the purpose of use. Design customer-required machines for electronic components assembly lines for mobile phones, computers, televisions, ...

Technical specifications

 UV glue machine and projector in electronic components assembly line has a compact and simple design.

Programmed to operate automatically, controlled by PLC, or microchip depending on customer needs and investment levels.

Structure and principles of operation

The automatic and UV gluing machine is designed and manufactured by CNCVina according to customer requirements. Therefore, the machines will also have different structures and operating ways in some stages. However, basically, glue feeding and glue drying machine with UV structure consists of the following main clusters: 

- Machine frame structure is assembled from shaped aluminum. The machined aluminum plate ensures the rigidity and weight reduction. Helps easily move and setup at locations in assembly line in customer factory. 

- Jigs, jig for parts are flexibly designed to fasten the parts to apply glue and UV drying quickly. Help replace the jigs and parts easily, save time but still ensure accuracy. 

- Glue head assembly and ultraviolet ray controller (UV), controlling hardening UV rays at the locations to be Fix.

+ The glue head is mounted on the block. Journey is driven and controlled by gas cylinders, stoppers. The glue head moves according to Z-position glue or runs and glue level at the profile. The product jig turned with the glue profile is circular (product of speaker phone, speaker ...). Or move in both the X / Y direction with a step and belt motor. Or with Musashi, IAI’s mini robots ... Glue controller controllers including timers and pneumatic regulators help control and control the pumping process accurately and stably thanks to microchip or PLC circuit.

+ The UV ray assembly performs fast and safe drying of glue. UV rays (also known as ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays) are very harmful to human skin and eyes. So the UV projector on the machine is designed to ensure separation and safety for the machine operator.

Operating the glue and ultraviolet drying machine (UV rays)

The operation of the glue feeder, glue applicator and glue drying machine for component board is simple and easy. 

Workers carried out detailed parts to apply glue to jigs designed and processed according to each product. Place the Jig

+ parts assembly (1) on the table, position the glue end and press the button. The machine conducts automatic glue for pre-programmed position and profile. At the end of the pumping process, Cluster (1) is automatically transferred to UV projection chamber by cluster transfer with slider. UV irradiation chamber with protective cover conducts ultraviolet irradiation and drying this bonding layer and pushes the product back to its original position. The worker lifted the assembly (1) and placed it on the conveyor system and placed the next cluster in, pressing the button for the machine to operate. 

With each request to seal or paste components together, customers can choose to use the glue pump and UV projection for the same stage in the line or use the glue feeder and UV projector afterwards. Electronic components assembly line combined with robotic system, automatic conveyor helps automatic assembly process, stable operation, continuous flow with the highest productivity.