Robot 3 truc

3-axis automatic robot

Application of 3-axis automatic robot

3-axis automatic robot, XYZ robot is a specialized robot with high accuracy and speed, applied in the industry of manufacturing and assembling electronic components, motor vehicles as used to apply glue to PCB circuits, apply grease, apply glue to multi-point positions, difficult to manipulate, complicated profiles on motor and circuit gear boxes …

The first 3-axis robot product designed by CNCVina and launched since 2012 has marked the ability of CNCVina to master the technology in the industrial robot market. With the strong development of technology for nearly 10 years. CNCVina always updates the latest solutions and advances of the region and the world of 3-axis robots in particular and robot systems for application to serve, improve customer production system.


Specifications and structure of 3-axis automatic robot

3-axis automatic robot using stepper motor, servo motor, and integrated control software to link axes to solve the diversification of motion: Straight, round, zigzag and three-dimensional … 

Highlights of the 3-axis XYZ robot manufactured by CNCVina

– Robots are programmed with many modes, many high-speed processing technology programs. 

– Simple operation, compact weight convenient to use. 3-axis robots are written by CNCVina’s engineers in many modes.

– Allows users to enter G_code to perform test of each command on the computer. Save the program in the Robot’s memory. Then run the Robot with the selected program.

Besides 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis, 6-axis robots, CNCVina always attaches importance to developing the automation products with artificial intelligence for customer line: Welding robot, Robocar – self-propelled vehicle AGV, Automatic robot integration line.