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Industrial Ultrasonic Tanks, Immersible Transducers, Ultrasonic Generators-CREST

Ultrasonic washing tank is one of the products of CREST brand – the company designs and manufactures industrial ultrasonic washing machine, ultrasonic cutting machine and the world’s leading ultrasonic application equipment.

CREST provides cleaning systems that are stratified at 25 kHz, 40kHz, 58kHz, 132kHz, 192kHz, 470kHz and 1000kHz as well as custom combinations including 25 / 40kHz and 58 / 192kHz.

The products and machines CREST ultrasound distributed by CNCVina in Vietnam include: Ultrasonic washing machine, Industrial Ultrasonic Tanks, Ultrasonic Generators, Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers, ultrasonic cleaning chemicals…


The Ultrasonic Cleaning Process
Ultrasonic energy introduces high and low pressure phases 
into a cleaning solution, which creates small vacuum bubbles throughout the solution. Once these bubble reach a critical size, they violently implode creating an intense scrubbing action. This process is known as ultrasonic cavitation. These bubbles are microscopic in size and scrub the complex surfaces of a part to be cleaned. To create ultrasonics energy, piezoelectric transducers are bonded to the tank. An ultrasonic generator takes line voltage and coverts it to a high frequency pulse that is applied to the transducers. The crystals in the transducers expand and contract with these electrical pulses creating acoustical energy in the solution. It is this acoustical energy that creates the pressure changes leading to ultrasonic cavitation.

Ultrasonic Frequencies

In industrial ultrasonic washing machines, ultrasonic washing sinks work thanks to the Cavitation phenomenon.

Cavitation can occur at any ultrasonic frequency, but each transducer is specifically tuned to operate at a set frequency. Crest offers trandsucerized cleaning systems at 25 kHz, 40 kHz, 58 kHz, 132 kHz, 192 kHz, 470 kHz and 1000 kHz as well as custom combinations including 25/40 kHz and 58/192 kHz.
Choosing Your Frequency:
• Lower frequencies produce larger cavitation bubbles with 
stronger implosions for heavy duty cleaning.
• Higher frequencies produce smaller cavitation bubbles with milder implosions for more delicate cleaning or for submicron particulate removal.
Cleaning Process Development
Crest offers a very liberal demo tank loaner program as well as 
three full-service application labs to help you develop a cleaning process that includes the correct ultrasonic frequency, chemistry, and cleaning procedures.

Industrial Ultrasonic Tanks
Tanks are constructed of cavitation resistant, bright annealed 
316L stainless steel providing the optimum environment for precision cleaning with extended service life. Tanks are welded inside and out to insure a long life and sturdy performance. Transducerized tanks are a plug-and-play solution for a number of cleaning needs.

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Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers
Immersibles are also constructed of cavitation resistant, bright 
annealed 316L stainless steel with robotically welded seams to insure a long life. Immersible transducers are a perfect way to introduce ultrasonic energy into existing tanks. Also, the units are easily replaceable for economical repairs.

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Ultrasonic Generators
Both Genesis and MW ultrasonic generators have a history of 
outstanding performance in wattages from 250 to 2000 watts. They have the ability to monitor watt output to insure consistent cleaning time after time. Only Crest offers TRU-SWEEP™ sweep frequency, which eliminates inconsistent cleaning by sweeping a +/- 1kHz around the center frequency at a set repetitive rate.

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industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks - Crest

Note: The “X” represents the Ultrasonic Frequency (Example: 4HT= 40 kHz, 13HT= 132 kHz)

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Standard options:
• Stainless steel tank cover
• Stainless steel work basket
• Manual drain ball valve
• Recirculating filter system
• Electric cycle timer
• Non-transducerzed tanks
• Heated or non-heated tanks
• Chem-Crest Chemistries

Custom Options:
• Water jacket
• Condensing collar
• Overflow Weir
• Cove corner construction
• Ground and polished welds
• Sealed skirts
• Explosion proof packages