H”: Human – Con người.

H”: High technology – Công nghệ cao.

H”: High quality – Chất lượng cao.

Meaning of CNC-VINA’s brand:

1. Human – People: People are the core factor to build and develop. CNC-VINA always attaches great importance to people as the most important factor determining the development of the company because “The strength of people combined with modern technology will create the future of the company”.

2. High technology – High technology: Always applying the latest technology and continuous improvement in manufacturing to create the most superior products is the key to our success.

3. High quality – High quality: Always striving to maximize design ability to manufacture high quality products and best services to bring absolute satisfaction to customers.

On June 15, 2009, Vietnam CNC Technology and Application Joint Stock Company (CNC-VINA JSC.) Was officially certified by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology. “Issued according to the Decision No. 12137 / QD-SHTT, dated: June 15, 2009.