Sorting and packing line

Product packing line, sorting and selection lines are used in most industries of agricultural product processing, logistics, e-commerce, confectionery, home appliances, and products, manufacture/assembly of electronics, mechanics and automotive and motorcycles industry.

CNC-VINA provides customers with sorting lines that select products by color, size, quality or a certain criterion before moving to the next stages of the processing line.

Lines for sorting, selecting and packaging pharmaceuticals, foods, confectionery, industrial goods, package, electronic and mechanical components, labeling, canning, and cartoning help improve accuracy, ensure safety and hygiene.

Productivity of goods sorting and warehousing and logistics operations takes place quickly with productivity many times higher than traditional ways.

Product sorting and packaging lines with industrial conveyors, sorting conveyors, and smart filling, capping, labeling, packaging and storage systems to help flow The production is continuous and precise.

With more than 13 year’s experience in automation, we are sure to bring our customers optimal solutions with the most reasonable investment costs.

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