Smart factory

Smart factory will be the target of manufacturing enterprises in Industry 4.0. Smart factory with the appearance of: industrial robots, industrial conveyors, AGV Automatic guide Vehicle, Smart warehouses, Production management systems help the production process automatically.

Smart factories help reduce workers involved in heavy, boring and risky works. Improved output coupled with controlled quality with fully proactive production scenarios. Smart factory automation solutions provided by CNC-VINA to customers will help the production process efficiently and help businesses improve their competitiveness in the market.

CNC-VINA provides customers with comprehensive automation solutions in the input material sorting stages, assembling with automatic machines on request. Smart warehouse packaging and storage.

With the help of sorting conveyor, industrial conveyor conveying materials and materials, combined with assembly and packing systems with the help of robotic arm.

Goods and materials at the stages and products are transported by AGV automatic guide vehicle and stored in a smart warehouse (module type) or an automated pallet warehouse with ASRS, making the import / export process accurate and fast automatic.

Customers who have demand for automatic machines and automatic lines integrating robots for production and assembly of electronic components, automotive, motorbikes, mechanical and professional automation solutions please contact us to consultation and support:


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