Paint line

CNC-VINA provides customers in the supporting industry and the automotive & motorcycle manufacture and assembly with comprehensive solutions for the paint line with modern technology from the world's leading brand which in the field of automotive and motorcycle paint and the participation of paint experts from automotive factories in Vietnam.

We provide to customers:

Automotive painting line with chain conveyor transfer system, ED paint tank, PTED line, oven, primer paint booth, base coat, top coat booth, polishing, sealing, inspection...

Auxiliary system for paint line: DI, RO water filter, wastewater treatment, paint remover Jig, Jig burner, ASU, AHU, PMR (paint mixing), chiller, M&E system...

Car wheel painting lines and parts, automotive and motorcycle parts

Plastic part & product paint line with robots arm

Painting line for mechanical parts, assembly components, spare parts.

With experience participating in projects to renovate and new install paint lines for domestic and foreign customers, CNC-VINA will provide customers with optimal solutions for the paint line.

Customers who have needs for professional paint lines and paint solutions, please contact us for advice and support:


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