Factory lines

The factory lines is built on a combination, integrating sequentially, rhythmically, accurately and efficiently with automatic chain systems, automated machines, assembly robot systems, and conveyor belts. , AGV self-propelled vehicles, smart warehouses ... in the same large factory. The factory lines aims to perform one or more tasks of producing, assembling, inspecting one or more finished products with stages from input materials to output products that meet the standards and requirements. of investors.

How to build an efficient factory chain system?

The factory lines has long been a concept that is not new in the world. However, in Vietnam, this is the field, but to master the technology that creates it requires real qualified contractors, experienced in designing, manufacturing and installing systems and wires. pass. Has the ability to integrate and control well the components and technical areas that make up the factory lines. Because a line system wants to operate smoothly, it must have a smooth and synchronous combination of several components below:

- Automatic lines (automatic machines, specialized machines, robotic arms, queuing, ...)

- Handling system, delivery conveyor, automatic work-piece supply system, self-propelled vehicle AGV

- System of assembly machines, assembly lines, packaging and inspection - Solution, production management system

- Smart warehouse system - smart warehouse

- Auxiliary systems: lighting system, control system, M&E system ...

For investors who do not have a lot of technical knowledge, selecting a unit and contractor with sufficient capacity and reputation to supply a lines for their factory is the most important requirement.

CNCVina is the leading company in Vietnam in designing, manufacturing automatic machines and automatic lines, providing the above automation solutions for motorbike, automobile, manufacturing and assembly lines, electronic assembly, garment ...

Typical production line systems for the factory have been implemented such as: paint workshop line (plastic paint for motorbikes, ED paint for cars, paint lines for JIG paint). Motorcycle assembly line, quality inspection and production management system. Smart storage systems combine on-demand automation solutions ...

CNCVina has been conducting package factory chain projects known as turn key projects. Simply put, this is an overall service package that customers give to the top of the page is the requirement to produce, assemble specific products with the output and quality that they want. The contractor will conduct consultancy, build the entire chain system to help produce and assemble such products from input to output, check and manage the entire production process. With many years of experience in the supporting industry, we always stand side by side with our customers from consulting solutions, design, selecting the most optimal options to reduce investment costs and bring satisfaction. for you. Always ensuring the quality and progress is the leading factor to create the brand of CNCVina in the Vietnamese supporting industry.

Our main customers for many years: YAMAHA, CANON, DENSO, SHOWA, FCC, VINFAST ... Please contact Hotline: 0915744664 | Email: Sales01@cncvina.com.vn for factory lines advice and support.