Automation line

Automation lines are increasingly showing their important role in manufacturing, manufacturing, assembling, packaging and testing processes in modern factories.

What is automation line?

Production automation understands simply the technology in which a process or process is performed thanks to the maximum participation of automatic machines, robots and the appearance and minimal human intervention. Used in mechanical processing, automobile assembly line, auto motorbike assembly as well as inspection and QC applications. Automation and control are integrated control systems (PLC, electronic circuits, G code ...) for devices in the chain according to the designer's intentions. The parameters before, during and after each stage are taken into the scenario of implementing and controlling risks. Includes control of temperature and pressure parameters ... of structures, machinery and products. Respond quickly to the control department and adjust it to suit the reservation requirements.

Application of automatic lines

Automated lines with the appearance of robots, AGV self-propelled vehicles, industrial conveyors, automatic work-piece delivery systems create flexible options with multiple scenarios for your factory. Since then, it applies to many different stages in the process of creating products.

It is possible to temporarily separate the lines according to each use purpose as follows: 

- Automatic production line (producing confectionery, machine parts, electronic components, telephone ...) 

- Automatic assembly lines (assembly of printers, telephone assembly, automobile and motorbike assembly ...) 

- Automatic packaging line (product packaging, carton packing, ...) 

- Automatic inspection line (product quality inspection, QC, ...)

For more than 10 years, CNCVina has been a leader in researching, applying automatic technology, controlling robots into automatic machines and automated lines to integrate their robots for many FDI customers and Foreign customers. Contribute to bringing the production process closer to the industry mainly using Vietnam's labor force and low productivity. Our main customers: Canon, Yamaha, Showa, FCC, Denso, Sumitomo, Honda, Musashi ... 

Customers wishing to consult, design, manufacture and install automated lines please refer to our typical projects below and contact us for assistance. 


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