Automatic machines for foods field

CNC-VINA provides automation machines line serving the food processing and manufacturing for food field domestic and foreign customers:

Specialized automatic machines for food & drink packaging and beverage products as well as raw materials for production:
Liquid filling machine, capping machine, round bottle labeling machine, labeling square bottle/flat label, barcode printing, powder filling machine, packing machine, carton packing machine, strapping shrink wrap, vacuum wrap, wrapping machines, and ultrasonic cutting.

Powder mixing system, raw material mixing, food boxing machine, packaging solution.

Automatic sorting machine, product sorting line by color and size with smart camera and integrated robot arm.

Conveyors to transport raw materials for production, semi-finished products and finished products.

Production management system, processing line and food production.

Automatic machine system of the food industry and automation lines help a closed production process, ensure food safety and hygiene, improve productivity, quality and competitiveness.

Our typical customers include:  Kinh Do Mondelez, Huu Nghi Food,...

With more than 13 year’s experience in automation field, we are sure to bring our customers optimal solutions with the most reasonable investment costs.

Customers who have demand for automatic machines and automatic lines for food field and automation solutions in this industry please contact us for advice and support:


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