Automatic machines for electronics industry

Automatic machines for Electronic industry is the automation product provided by CNC-VINA to FDI and European customers for more than 13 years.

We provide specialized automatic machines, automatic special purpose machines for customize assembly and inspection application. The optimal automation solution on CNC-VINA automatic machines helps the production process to be gradually automated, improving productivity and quality.

Automated machines are widely used in manufacturing and assembling smartphones, speakers, audio equipment, electronic circuit boards PCB, printers, TV, houseware appliances and automotive auxiliary electrical systems. , motorbikes and vehicles.

Some of the automatic machines for electronics industry we have been providing are:

Screw feeders, screws driver, assembly machines

Circuit board cutting machine(PCB), inserting electronics components, gluing machine for speaker, speaker cutting machine.

Shaft inserting machine, wiring connector pressing machine

Glue supplying machine, UV ray drying machine, speaker membrane cutting machine, speaker membrane pressing machine,

Lens packaging machine, SMT, SPL, inserting electronic components

Aging time machine, ultrasonics welding machine
Main customers: Canon, Fuji Xerox, Sumidenso, Sumitomo, Nippon, Mango...

With more than 13 year’s experience in automation, we are sure to bring our customers optimal solutions with the most reasonable investment costs.

Customers who have demand for automatic machines and automatic lines for manufacturing and assembling electronic components and automation solutions in this industry please contact us for advice and support:


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