Automatic machines

CNCVina- Design and manufacturing automatic machines for automation line & solution. We provide for alot of Japanese, Korean, Philippines, Indian and FDI customer. Call us: 0915744664 | email:

Automatic machines, specialized machines designed and manufactured by CNCVina is one of the products that has created our brand over the past 10 years in the industry of designing and manufacturing industrial auxiliary machinery. In factories manufacturing, assembling electronics, manufacturing mechanical products, garment industry ... specialized automatic machines in automatic production lines are the optimal solutions for increasing production automation requirements. businesses. Application of automatic machines, specialized machines including:

- Mechanical processing with mass processing machines (automatic multi-head drilling machines, integrated boring-taro-taro machines, cutting plastic gates, automatic plastic feeding machines ...).

- Automatic sewing machine in the garment industry (folding machine, thread winder, circular sewing machine, automatic sewing in the XY direction, ...), mask making machine

- Automation in assembly for electronics industry (contact dispenser, printer riveting, PCB circuit board cutting, speaker diaphragm cutting, tube cutting, pipe removal and automatic, semi-automatic roller ...

- Automation system for the industry of manufacturing and assembling automobiles and motorbikes (frame-engraving machines, machine numbers, brake pads, grinding chucks, scraping, checking quality .... )

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