Automatic assembly machine & product line

Assembly machines, automatic packaging machines, feeders, brake oil pumps, stamp machines ... in particular. And the automatic assembly line and automatic system are generally the solutions that are focused on investment by automobile and motorbike manufacturing and assembling enterprises. Especially when the industrial revolution 4.0 is taking place strongly in all areas, especially the mechanical industry and automation.

Automation solutions in production, automatic assembly lines and inspection for more than 10 years have become the leading and key points in the development direction of CNCVina. We are a pioneer in technology and solutions to help domestic and foreign customers improve production lines and machines to improve productivity and increase profits.

With a team of high-quality and experienced engineers, CNCVina has become a reliable partner in the field of designing and manufacturing automated assembly, assembly and inspection lines of large customers. Such as: Yamaha, Piaggio, Honda, Toyota, Sumitomo, Denso, FCC, Canon, Samsung, Fuji ... and customers from Philippines, India and China.

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