Automated solutions with robots

CNCVina is the leader of automated solutions with robots. In the application of manufacturing robots, the first 3-axis robot product designed by CNC and launched in 2012 has marked the ability to master the technology of CNC-VINA in the industrial robot market. With nearly 10 years of accumulated experience and technology updates. Robot products and robot integration systems have been popular in the market because of their productivity and competitive prices. Robot manufacturing application of CNC includes: 3-axis robot, XYZ robot is used to apply PCB circuit sealant, grease, apply glue to multi-point positions, difficult to manipulate, complicated profile on motor gear, circuit board. Automatic robot welding -Automatic soldering robot / Automatic Solder Machine for LED Soldering, Auto Solder Robot. Used for automatic soldering of printed circuit boards by point or by line. Applications in electronics, motor vehicles. Rowing machines, AGV self-propelled vehicles are designed to be compact, compact and flexible, with loads: 200kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg depending on customer requirements. Movement speed of 10m / ph to 50m / ph serves production and assembly lines effectively.

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