Automated conveyor systems

The automated conveyor system supplies goods to the production line and automation assembly is one of the key products of CNCVina for many years. Automatic conveyor system with chain drive, belt belt helps move billet, semi-finished product between the work of the line. Conveyors of products with heat, water in washing machines ... Rigid conveyor structure from shaped aluminum frame, steel structure, stainless steel is selected and optimized according to each requirement, customer features help Create solutions for handling systems with the lowest cost. Various types of PVC, PU, ​​mesh conveyor, roller conveyors are applied for delivery tasks in assembly and packaging. Application in manufacturing and assembling electronic components. Automatic conveyor in the assembly line of cars, motorbikes, electric bicycles ... food processing, agricultural products, seafood, medical, pharmaceutical, garment, ... CNCVina fabrication and assembly of industrial conveyors according to customer requirements. With special requirements, in addition to conventional conveyors, inclined, oil resistant, heat-resistant, water-resistant conveyor belts, integrating robots, conveyor belts for specialized machines ... suitable for each product of the customer. Will be used to ensure productivity and requirements.

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