Assembly and inspection line

The assembly line, product inspection lines in the mechanical, electronic, automobile and motorcycle industries have been provided by CNC-VINA to customers with optimal automation solutions to improve productivity and quality and the competitiveness of the business.

With more than 13 year’s experience in automation field, we are sure to bring our customers optimal solutions with the most reasonable investment costs.

Our typical customers include: 

- Motorcycle assembly line, quality inspection line

- Printer parts assembly line

- Electronic components assembly line, component & finished products testing line

- Automotive assembly line

- Car seat assembly line
With the participation of specialized automatic machines, automatic feeding system, industrial robot arm, Industrial manipulator, Automation Guide Vehicle AGV, inspection robot, conveyor system, smart warehouse for storing goods and management system. Modern production management ...Overall solution in production, assembly and inspection.

Benefit of our assembly and inspection lines:

Automating production, reducing direct labor participation, improving labor productivity, utilizing time and optimizing cycle time to the maximum

Ensuring the precision in assembly, uniform product quality and material saving

Reduce costs in production, lower product costs and improve competitiveness for businesses.

Customers who have demand for automatic machines and automatic lines for electronics industry, mechanical industry, automotive & motorcycle industry and automation solutions in this industry please contact us for advice and support:


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